Overview of mortgage interest and interest rates

Take the necessary time to choose the financial institution with which you will eventually conclude a mortgage. In this way, it is possible to avoid the payment of excessively high mortgage interest. Compare the different interest rates and mortgage maturities of our financial partners.

It is possible to make a distinction between current mortgage models, such as the fixed mortgage, the variable mortgage or the Libor mortgage. The comparison of the mortgages of homegate.ch immediately calculates the current daily interest rates of different banks and allows them to request free customized offers for the mortgage of their home. The following mortgage conditions apply to private customers in Switzerland.

Compare mortgages and request offers

You need to take all the time it takes to sign the first loan or a new mortgage. In fact, own home financing is a long-term investment and changes according to the financial situation. The choice of the appropriate mortgage model or mortgage provider depends on several factors. The purchase price of the property, the total income and own resources play a fundamental role in the calculation of the mortgage.

Before requesting a quote, we advise you to calculate online, with the help of our mortgage calculator, whether you can afford the desired mortgage or not. In the event that the assessment reports a positive result, you can request a personalized quote here for the mortgage of your home.

Replace the mortgage

Decide in time how to continue with your mortgage loan or change bank. In this way you will have enough time to analyze the terms of cancellation and additional contractual conditions. The right time to replace a mortgage varies depending on the mortgage model, and should not be lost. In the case of a fixed mortgage, the duration is established on a contractual basis,

while the variable mortgage provides for a cancellation period of between three and six months (depending on the supplier). In certain cases, fixed mortgages must also be canceled in advance. However, taking into account the cancellation terms, the mortgage can be replaced quickly or the bank can simply be changed.

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